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About Us


Get To Know Us

Ever since 2004, we’ve been designing, building, delivering, and installing portable sheds, barns, cabins, utility buildings—garden sheds, livestock shelters, etc.—and more all over the Midwest.  When you come to us, you’re not getting a department store treatment—you’re getting a Premier Shed treatment.  We build the shed in our Iowa facility, and we invite you to come and see how it’s done, if you want.  We carry the colors, the building materials, and the architectural know-how to fulfill a wide variety of residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial building needs.  And after all that, we’ll deliver and install your shed ourselves.

We have worked tirelessly for almost twenty years to not just meet the term “full-service,” but redefine it.  And when you see what we can do, we think you’ll agree those twenty years have been put to good use.

So don’t let a department store cheat you out of the portable building of your dreams, the one you deserve.  Call Premier Shed Shop today and see what “full-service” really means.


what makes us premier

Someone, somewhere, is waking up in a comfy little cabin on a quiet lake.  Maybe they went for an early morning run around the property; maybe they just made coffee and had it on the porch and watched the sun come up.  For almost a decade, they’ve followed the same routine.  And they wouldn’t have it any other way.

That person gets to do all that because of something we built.  And that is just one story, one shed, of many that we’ve built, and will continue to build for many people, for a long time to come.

We love doing what we do because we know that when we do our job well, we give our clients a new way of life.  That’s what makes us different.  That’s what makes us Premier.

Insured Purchases

All our sheds come with a built-in five-year warranty.  If we slip up during an installation—rare, but a little humility and reality never hurt anyone—you won’t be stuck with the bill.

Strongest Materials

We use durable, lightweight building materials that maintain quality over their lifetime but won’t cost you an arm, a leg, and a wallet to get installed.

tested Builds

Midwest Living and its temperamental climate require a commitment to craftsmanship and a knowledge of architecture, even just for portable buildings, that only we can bring.

professional Teams

With nearly twenty years of experience in construction and metal-working, our team is more than a group of workers—we’re craftsmen who are dedicated to quality and a solid building ethic, and our work shows as much.




First, we'll either sit down, hop on a call, or message you via email to discuss what you're thinking for the shed.  This meeting will involve including the type of shed you're looking for, the measurements, the material, and the colors.  We don't just want to build you a shed—we want to build your shed.  And we think you deserve to feel included in that process as much as you'd like.


Meet You


We design all of our sheds at our Iowa facility located in Riverside, and we take extra care to make sure that they're designed to last—they may be portable buildings, but that doesn't mean they should be cheaply made—and that they're designed with you and your needs in mind. 




The elves head to the workshop and start building. We take great pride in being local manufacturers, and we truly enjoy having people come down to see how their stuff gets made.  Heck, even if you live far away and want to come down to see how your shed's coming along, we welcome it.




We deliver within fifty miles of our Iowa facility.  This is a big part of being a full-service shed shop, and we really enjoy being able to provide certain extended services other portable building retailers simply can't.




Knock-knock, we're here!  We'll come to your house, business, or property and not only hand-deliver but personally install the storage shed, cabin, or barn you ordered.  Midwest weather requires consistent adaptability and a solid foundation, and we'd be remiss if we didn't provide you with both during the installation process. 




Join The Team

Do you have what it takes to help us design, manufacture, deliver, and install some of the best portable buildings on the market?  

If you think you do, come on down to our Iowa location, give us a call, email us, or message us through our Premier Shed Shop Portal and find out if you’ve got the mettle to work for some of the best in the business.

Handy with wood and all the tools to go along with it?

Able to climb up and down to get everything ship shape for projects?

Want a more hands off approach to the construction? 

Got experience and an eye for structure design?