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Building Models

Lofted Barn

8x10 - 16x40

With extra storage up top that many might not expect to find in such a compact building, we think you’ll be more than satisfied with the portability and the practicality of this shed.

Side LOfted Barn

8x14 - 16x40

This model comes with overhead lofts that provide great storage space and windows that allow additional lighting and ventilation.  Overall, this shed has equally functional and aesthetic qualities that will help satisfy a variety of needs.

Premier lofted barn cabin

12x32 - 16x46

The Premier Lofted Barn Cabin is a superb little structure that delivers a rustic barn-inspired style with the ease of construction and installation of a portable shed.


8x16 - 16x40

In your backyard, on the shore of some backwoods lake, on top of a mountain—this solid portable guy is a building that has served many of our customers well.  And with plenty of storage space and a porch, it truly has the potential to be a home away from home.

Center Cabin

12x24 - 16x40

This model’s porch and front door are, as the name would suggest, placed in the center, which may seem odd to some, but many have found the change of design a breath of fresh air, and it remains a unique and attractive option for many of our clients.

Lofted Cabin

12x24 - 16x40

 The center lofted cabin has the unique design of a center cabin, and the additional draw of a loft, which means you get a rustic getaway, a specialized floor-plan, and above-average storage space, all with the portability of a shed, all in one. 

Lofted barn cabin

8x16 - 16x40

The woodsy structure of a cabin, the robust design of a barn, and—with a loft installed—the added storage space of a shed, all packed into one building, just waiting for you to come and take a look inside.


12x20 - 16x40

Lightweight, durable, easy to deliver and install, with plenty of storage space to boot.  Whatever you might need it for, this model is perfect for it.

Lofted Garage

12x20 - 16x40

 If you were looking for a place to put your vehicle and all the tools, supplies, and separate pieces that can be used to maintain or modify it, this would be the ideal building.


8x10 - 16x40

 A respectable amount of storage space, with solid construction, and an ease of portability and installation.

Side Utility

8x14 - 16x40

If you want a unique arrangement for your storage space, our side utility shed is one of our more popular models.

Cottage Shed

6x10 - 12x30

Instead of hiding this shed away in the backyard or the woods, you may very well find yourself making it the centerpiece of the whole place.

Garden Shed

6x10 - 12x30

Get a garden shed that doesn’t just help you store all the tools that keep your lawn looking fresh and green; get one that looks good, too.

Livestock Shelter

10x10 - 12x30

You and your animals deserve a portable building that will keep them safe, happy, and looks good while it’s doing so.  And that’s exactly what a Premier Shed Shop Livestock Shelter delivers.

Custom Shed


Create your own shed. Decide between custom colors and accessories that you need to make your shed feel like it’s truly yours.