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Portable Buildings from Riverside, IA



The Premier Utility Shed is small enough to fit neatly in your backyard, but it has all the space and storage you need to keep your tools, pool supplies, or seasonal decorations organized and protected. 

Low Pitch Gable Roof, 92″ Interior Wall Height, 70″ Door Openings & Double Wooden Doors, Door Lock and Keys, High End Durable Hinges, Spring Latch Hooks Top and Bottom of Left Door Ensures Security.

With Waterproof siding and flooring you can’t go wrong with a 50yr prorated warranty, and all on pressure treated 4×6 skids running the length of the shed with 2×6 floor joists spaced every 16″ apart running the width, 30yr warranty on our upgrade option on metal siding and metal roofs. Our sheds have so much more that come with it. Check us out and see what Premier Shed Shop can do for you.

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